Our Company

Our legend

At the heart of our company lies a deep connection to the land and the people who have lived on it for centuries. Our story begins with Noah, who settled in the fertile Ararat Valley and cultivated its rich black soil. Here, he planted the first apricot seed, and from that seed grew a bountiful orchard of fruits that nourished and strengthened the people of the valley for thousands of years.

Today, we continue Noah's legacy by producing the most juicy and flavorful fruits of the Ararat Valley. Our fruits embody the values of sustainability, quality, and community that have been passed down from generation to generation. With each sip of our juice, you can taste the sweetness of the land and the love that went into its cultivation.

At our core, we believe that our fruits have the power to bring people together and inspire them to live their best lives. We are proud to carry on the traditions of our ancestors and share the blessings of the Ararat Valley with the world.