Our Company

SIS Natural, the largest juice producer in Armenia, was founded in 1999 with a commitment to quality and sustainability.
In 2004, SIS Natural made its first foray into the global market, exporting its high-quality, natural juice products to other countries. This marked the beginning of our journey towards becoming a leading international juice brand, trusted by consumers around the world for our commitment to quality, sustainability, and the authentic taste of Armenian nature.
In 2006, SIS Natural introduced its new product line, Yan, featuring a variety of high-quality natural juices made with the freshest fruits and vegetables. With Yan, SIS Natural established itself as a leader in the Armenian juice market, offering a range of delicious and healthy juice options to its customers.
SIS Natural expanded its product line by venturing into the production of high-quality fruits and vegetables preserves. This move was part of the company's commitment to offer its customers a wider range of healthy and natural products, and has since become a core aspect of the SIS Natural.
During the global economic crisis, many businesses struggled to stay afloat. However, "SIS Natural" proved to be a resilient company, overcoming the crisis and emerging even stronger. In fact, the company continued to develop and grow at an even faster pace than before, cementing its position as a leader in the juice and preserves industry.
In response to growing demand for organic products, SIS Natural expanded its product line to include organic juices made from the finest organic fruits and vegetables. Our commitment to providing high-quality, natural products remains unwavering, and we are proud to offer our customers the option to choose organic with our Yan Organic brand.
Innovation and sustainability are at the heart of SIS Natural's values. The company's commitment to quality and eco-consciousness led to the adoption of aseptic containers for the export of raw materials. This forward-thinking approach ensures the preservation of the raw materials' integrity and freshness, while reducing waste and promoting sustainability.
SIS Natural has continued to expand its export markets, with the United States and Europe becoming some of its newest markets. With a commitment to quality and sustainability, SIS Natural has become one of the most trusted juice brands worldwide, providing a variety of high-quality natural juices and products made from the freshest fruits and vegetables. As the company expands its reach, it continues to uphold its reputation for providing customers with the best products available.
SIS Natural company gained recognition in the international market by winning multiple awards, which strengthened its reputation not only in Armenia but also in the global market. These awards contributed to expanding the customer base, leading to increased sales and reinforcing the company's position as a leading producer of natural juices and preserves.
SIS Natural company has renovated its warehouse by introducing multi-level "smart" storage modules that can accommodate over 1000 pallet places. This has greatly increased the storage capacity and improved the efficiency of the warehouse, ensuring prompt delivery of products to customers.
SIS Natural is committed to environmentally responsible practices. As part of this commitment, the company installed 500,000 kW/h solar power plants to reduce its carbon footprint and promote "green" production. By embracing renewable energy sources, SIS Natural is leading the way in eco-friendly production and helping to protect the planet for future generations.
"SIS Natural" expanded its exports to 5 more countries, bringing the total to over 20. Also the company earned membership in the prestigious EBRD blue ribbon program.
Yan Sparkling is the newest addition to SIS Natural's product line, providing a refreshing carbonated twist to their already delicious beverages. This exciting new product demonstrates the company's commitment to innovation and meeting the ever-evolving tastes of their customers.