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About Us

SIS Natural CJSC is specialized in producing of juices, fruit and vegetables preserves, being one of the leader of the industry in Armenia. The dynamic development and strong positions of the company are the results of the effective and strong management, high and stable product quality, well-established distribution channels, as well as qualified marketing policies. Adapted innovative approach to the creation and promotion of their own products is the key to the success of SIS Natural.

SIS Natural CJSC is the producer of Yan, Yan Bio and SIS brands, which are very popular among the consumers. Each brand is focused on specific target audience and consequently together they are capable to satisfy demands of all consumers.

The Company’s future plans - dynamic development of business, presentation of new brands with original flavors and the further expansion and strengthening of the positions in Armenian juices market and outside the country.

Company’s distribution covers Armenia, USA, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries; also some of European countries such as Belgium, France, Poland, Latvia and the Czech Republic. In addition, first steps have already been taken connected with the development of the markets in the Arabian countries.


SIS Natural CJSC’s strategy is aimed at permanent improvement of product quality, expansion of market and ensuring of respectable presentation of Armenian manufacturer in the international market.

The high productivity of the company ensures:

Conscious involvement of staff in the process of quality management and safety.

Systematic development of the professional level of each employee and the use of the capabilities of each of them.

Dynamic traceability of requirements of the current market and feedback from the consumers.

Transparencies of production process

SIS Natural's management guarantees the availability of required resources and is responsible for implementing strategies to ensure quality and safety of the product.


Recent years were efficient for the company both in developing of new brands, and in acceptance of some certificates testifying the quality of management and produced production: ISO2005:22000, IQNET, HACCP, Organic certificate, Kosher certificate, Certificate of conformity GD Mark, SGS certificate. Conformity to the international standards allows the competition in the foreign market with the most known brands of juice producers. Among our achievements are as well our highly qualified staff and numerous awards at international exhibitions.